Posted: May 23, 2011 in Gb3n story 3

long time Meta twirling a pen in her finger, paper on her table still left blank. Her eyes begin to glaze when looking at a photo herself and her mother while she was child. There is an implicit emotion on his face rigid.Slowly, with trembling she began to pour the ink through the pen on her finger,

“To my mother who is very dear to me,”

“Today I looked again photograph the two of us that only one I had. I always thought that if you can understand me and of course I’m not too stubborn sure we’ll have more pictures together. Mother forgive me,I am on my mind until now. Many people say, I did exactly like you are too rigid. Mom I really miss your arms are also a loud voice that sounded rude when scolded. But I still believe that you really loved me like I love you. Through this letter I hope you will forgive me. Hopefully you are always healthy and always in protection. ”


He folded the letter she had just finished created and put into the envelope marked her home address first.

This letter is 124th of her letters, she was really hope this time she will get a reply due 123 of the previous letter that she sent not one gets a reply.

Already a week after a letter 124th yet received a reply. Meta sitting in his living room who seemed very knowledgeable. Suddenly, she heard the sound of people knocking on the door. She is hoping that the people behind that door is an postman which brings her reply letter.

Meta was very surprised when she opened the door, she found an elderly woman with a basket of letters. The old woman then said;

“I came in retaliation for all the letters that you send.”

“I’m sorry my dear.”

Then immediately Meta can no longer hold her tears. She held her mother as thin as longing that she has been buried. There was no situation which is so in that time until her heart with happiness serene

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