A cup of coffee for “Grandma” (He’ll come) – section 2

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Gb3n story 3

Weekend, a coffee shop which is right around the corner seemed crowded visitors.
A young man sat down with two cups of coffee in his table, he is like most other young men who were waiting for his girl.
Soon a girl with a white floral dress come to him.
“I guess you would not come, I nearly died of boredom. Sit down, ” said the young man.
“What happened, why did you invite me here?” Asked the girl who had long been met.
“I just wanted to say congratulations on your engagement.” Clear the Young man.
“Is that all?”
Both seem awkward, knowing this the first time they met again after graduating from high school.
“I’ve ordered a cup of coffee with two tablespoons of cream in it.”
“Ohh .. you still remember it, ” a smile tugging at her lips.
“Absolutely,” said the young man’s brief.
The girl then drank his coffee, while the young man’s eyes could not stop staring at her. Then he looked glum after seeing a circular ring on her ring finger.
The girl realized that she was being looked at by the young man.
“Why, there was something strange about me?” Asked the girl.
“No, you still look beautiful.”
“Thank you. I consider it a compliment, “The girl’s face flushed.
“Do you believe the life after die?” Asked the young man.
“What?” The girl was struck by the words of the new young man was ejected from the mouth.
“Do you believe the life after die?” The young man repeated his words.
“I do not know,” said the girl.
“If the life after die is true, in the next life I want to be the” Umbrella “, I want to someday could maintain, protect, and bring you to a better place. I also want to be a very big tree, you can leaning me when you’re tired, ” said young man with a serious face.
“Why are you so concerned about me?” Asked the girl.
“I did not say that,” The young man answered.
“Then what do you mean to say it all, why do you always confuse me.”
“I have no reason for it, I had no answer to your question.”
The young man then rose from the bench and stepped toward the door.
“Wait!” Screamed the girl.
The young man stopped in his tracks, but he still did not reverse his body.
“I know the answer, only I do not understand why you have to wait in the next life. You can become umbrella or a tree for me now! ”
“If you want, I’ll let this ring!”
“Did I never mean to you?”
“Sorry, I can not,” The young man then stepped left the coffee shop.
While the girl was sobbing, she also later left the coffee shop.A year later, he always comes at the weekend. She did not want to spend moments together before the young man who she thought did not really love her.
She is now conscious young man was not afraid to defend it, but because he really loves herself.

Maybe far away young man has become the “umbrella” or “a very big tree.”

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