A cup of coffee for “Grandma” (He’ll come)

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Gb3n story 3

Heavy rain outside the window appears, her susceptible body is leaning on the wall. Her mind filled with her childhood dances. Seems clear from the glazed eyes that she’s missed those days. Tears slowly melt through the wrinkles on her cheek.
“Sorry Grandma, your order is ready,” said a waitress told her.
“Ohh yes, thank you son.”
The grandmother goes back to the bench. A cup of hot coffee presented in the table.
She still looks out the window while her finger is holding the ear cup. From a distance, coffee shop owners continue to pay attention to where the grandmother who is a loyal customer’s of her coffee shop. The grandmother comes every weekend, alone since last 10 years ago.
Then she walks to Grandma’s table and placing chocolate-filled donuts on the table.
“Sorry son, did I order this donuts?”
“No Grandma, you didn’t. This is only giving for friends your coffee.”
The old woman then smiled.
“Thank you. Sit down, please. I’ll buy you a cup of coffee.”
“Well..,” said coffee shop owner.
The old woman then calls a waiter and ordered a cup of coffee. Orders delivered immediately.

Grandma and the owner of the coffee shop start to a conversation.

“I often notice you, but I think you never come with someone else. Why? Sorry I asked about this, ” said shop owner politely.
“I’m waiting for someone, he’ll come.”
“So who is you are waiting for?”
She keeps silence then, seems reluctant to tell anyone who her waiting for. The owner of the coffee shop then steer the conversation, they start to talk again about something else.
The grandmother sips her coffee then her eyes back towards the window. Outside, rain has subsided. After paying two cups of coffee she begin to leave the coffee shop.
Her leaving remains so many questions on coffee shop owners mind. Then she returns to continue her work.

It’s been three week. The grandmother was no longer coming. Now, the bench is occupied by a pair of young teens who are in lovesick. They do not order a cup of coffee but two heart-shaped donuts. Passing shadow the old woman waves her hand outside the window. She then goes with the man who takes her hand tenderly.

The owner of coffee shop goes out immediately to make sure that she looks is really grandma of her customer. But no one she meets outside of the window.

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