Keduanyapun Berlalu

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Gb3n story 3

The young man sat leaning on the wall outside the building, he looks resigned. Recently the woman he loves leave the altar with a man who has now officially become her husband. Happiness in both their faces flushed.

Soon a shadow standing right in front, the figure was none other than old friend of the young man. He then sat beside the young man.

“What are you doing here?” asked his friend.

“Hugging sorry.” She said simply.

“What do you mean?”

“You know, maybe The World is laughing me now. Since I was a stupid man. I have missed two significant women in my life. The woman I loved and the woman who understands me. Now I do not have any of them. ”

“I know they love you, but your attitude makes them not choose you.”

“My attitude which one?”

“Hahh, too bad you did not realize until this, it’s greatest of your mistake. They know you so well, you’re feeling adventurous, but they do not like it or they were tired of waiting. If you can better understand them and show your seriously. I’m sure they will choose you, not anyone else. ”


“yahh, you should realize that women also want to understand not only yourself. They do not always forgive, and patience have limits. You need not regret anymore, fix yourself up and do not let one day you lose the woman who means in your life.
His friend got up and patted his shoulder.

“Take care of yourself, hopefully you’re lucky!” said his friend as he left him alone.

The sky began to blush orange, he was still stuck there. Hoping morning will not carry any regrets.

“I belatedly realized, until both of them passed.”


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