Teddy Bears

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Gb3n story 3

Sunday morning, a father asked his daughter who was 5 years old to get around the city.
In a doll shop they step off. He looked because of his daughter was suddenly pulled his hand. He saw her daughter’s views could not be separated from a yellow teddy bear on display behind the glass shop.
He knew that his daughter wanted to that doll. Then he said to his daughter;
“Wait a minute honey.”
His daughter nodded. Then he went into the doll shop and took the yellow teddy bear. Outside, her daughter waved her hand, smiling happily.
He then reached into his pants pocket, he found only three pieces of twenty-five thousand rupiahs and five hundred coins in the wallet skin that’s has been worn his.
He held official price on the doll. He heaved a deep breath.
With a heavy heart, he put the doll back into its place. Because the money in his wallet far from the figures on the doll.
Slowly he came out and had to see her daughter’s face a little disappointed. He grabbed both her hands, his eyes filled with tears. He did not know what he wanted to say to his daughter.
“Daddy I want ice cream,” said her daughter with a smile on her lips.
His little girl seemed to understand what his father wanted to say.
“Let’s go buy ice cream,” He smiled back to her daughter with feelings of sadness.
Then they went to leave the doll shop. He held his daughter’s hand tightly.
“Daddy will buy it for you later honey. I’m promise,” he said to himself.

The same Day on another Sunday morning, he came back to the doll shop. Of course, after he have enough money. Then he hurried to meet her daughter.
“Honey Daddy had bought a doll that you wanted to, you’ll surely love it.”
His tears fallen in on his cheeks. With shaking, his hands petted her little daughter headstone.

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