After 24

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Gb3n story 2

After 24 years, he came. It’s too long to say “Hello” or “How are you?”.

I did not make a decision yet. I didn’t know whether I have a courageous to meet him. I thought that it was a way to me for apologize him. But I did not sure if the condition could be better. I would like to have more time to think it over and I wanted to make the right choice. I have spent almost of my life without him and I will meet him for the first.

Communication between us began from his called. Firstly we really clumsy and we didn’t talk any more. No words I wanted to say, I just wanted to hear at all. I hope he had a good reason that could be change my opinion about him so far.

Until he closed his call, I didn’t feel anything in my heart that might change. I just still not believed that I have talked with him. Conclusion of our talk is we will meet soon.

“The day” is today. I’m waiting for him. After 24 minutes I was wait, he comes and sits down in the living room of my house. I go out from my room, and walk up to him. I try to hide my nervous. I give my hand and say “How are you?”. His eyes never go from my face. I can see his tears on his eyes. He asks me to forgive him, I can’t say anything. I want not to do anything. Honest I do not understand about my feeling, it is really complicated feeling.

This day is too long, I feel. Finally, I said to him “I forgive you”. Now, I want not to look at our behind life, again. I’m relieved and I feel more comfortable than before, really.

I’m realized that forgive him is a must I do before I leaving them.

“However you are… “

Thank you for coming in my last opportunity to forgive you.


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