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Predikat “IBU”

Posted: January 14, 2012 in Gb3n story 3

Jum’at malam hatiku benar-benar dibuat ngiris oleh tangisan bocah perempuan sekitar 3-4tahunan. Ironisnya ibu bocah  itu ada disebelahnya dan bukan menenangkan  anaknya, ia malah membuat airmata bocah itu semakin mengucur deras. Bukan pelukan yang bocah itu dapatkan melainkan pukulan super keras di bagian baha si bocah. Disebelah bocah itu ada kakak laki-lakinya (14-15tahunan) yang juga jadi korban amuk ibunya. Sedikit berbeda dengan sang adik, ia hanya dihujani kata-kata kasar dan tidak sopan oleh ibunya. Entah seberapa malunya anak laki-laki itu yang kena semprotan pedas ibunya di muka umum. Ibu itu sangat mirip dengan preman yang sedang mengamuk, sungguh menyeramkan…

Lalu apakah masih pantas dia menyandang predikat IBU?

Jika Predikat ibu hanya diukur oleh karena seorang wanita telah melahirkan seorang anak, akan banyak sekali seorang anak yang tidak merasakan peran ibunya. Pasalnya selain tindakan para ibu yang anarkis, juga banyak kasus yang sudah menjadi rahasia umum dimana tidak sedikit para ibu khususnya ibu muda yang tidak siap menjadi ibu karena hamil sebelum menikah. Sebagian dari mereka meninggalkan anak-anak mereka di panti asuhan, di depan rumah orang lain, di pinggiran atau sudut jalan bahkan menggugurkannya sebelum lahir.

Seorang ibu harusnya punya welas asih terhadap anaknya. Sudah menjadi kewajiban seorang ibu mengasihi, merawat, menjaga, dan membimbing putra putri mereka. Menjadi seorang ibu bukan hanya melahirkan tapi juga melakukan segala tanggungjawabnya sebagai ibu yang baik. Buat para ibu coba renungkan kembali sudah pantaskah anda menyandang predikat IBU?

Tindakan yang kurang atau bahkan tidak baik seorang ibu terhadap anaknya tidak terlepas dari faktor lingkungannya sendiri. Misalnya; hubungan yang tidak baik dengan suami, faktor ekonomi yang menghimpit, tekanan kerja dll. Namun adapun alasan-alasan tersebut tidak membenarkan mereka memperlakukan anak-anak mereka dengan kasar atau buruk. Mereka harus sadar betul bahwa anak-anak mereka punya hak mendapatkan figur ibu yang baik dari ibu mereka. Mereka butuh kasih sayang, penghormatan sebagai anak, dan peran ibunya dalam kesehariannya. Jangan sampai mereka kecewa dan membencimu sebagai ibunya.

“IBU” bukan hanya sekedar predikat.



Heavy rain outside the window appears, her susceptible body is leaning on the wall. Her mind filled with her childhood dances. Seems clear from the glazed eyes that she’s missed those days. Tears slowly melt through the wrinkles on her cheek.
“Sorry Grandma, your order is ready,” said a waitress told her.
“Ohh yes, thank you son.”
The grandmother goes back to the bench. A cup of hot coffee presented in the table.
She still looks out the window while her finger is holding the ear cup. From a distance, coffee shop owners continue to pay attention to where the grandmother who is a loyal customer’s of her coffee shop. The grandmother comes every weekend, alone since last 10 years ago.
Then she walks to Grandma’s table and placing chocolate-filled donuts on the table.
“Sorry son, did I order this donuts?”
“No Grandma, you didn’t. This is only giving for friends your coffee.”
The old woman then smiled.
“Thank you. Sit down, please. I’ll buy you a cup of coffee.”
“Well..,” said coffee shop owner.
The old woman then calls a waiter and ordered a cup of coffee. Orders delivered immediately.

Grandma and the owner of the coffee shop start to a conversation.

“I often notice you, but I think you never come with someone else. Why? Sorry I asked about this, ” said shop owner politely.
“I’m waiting for someone, he’ll come.”
“So who is you are waiting for?”
She keeps silence then, seems reluctant to tell anyone who her waiting for. The owner of the coffee shop then steer the conversation, they start to talk again about something else.
The grandmother sips her coffee then her eyes back towards the window. Outside, rain has subsided. After paying two cups of coffee she begin to leave the coffee shop.
Her leaving remains so many questions on coffee shop owners mind. Then she returns to continue her work.

It’s been three week. The grandmother was no longer coming. Now, the bench is occupied by a pair of young teens who are in lovesick. They do not order a cup of coffee but two heart-shaped donuts. Passing shadow the old woman waves her hand outside the window. She then goes with the man who takes her hand tenderly.

The owner of coffee shop goes out immediately to make sure that she looks is really grandma of her customer. But no one she meets outside of the window.

Weekend, a coffee shop which is right around the corner seemed crowded visitors.
A young man sat down with two cups of coffee in his table, he is like most other young men who were waiting for his girl.
Soon a girl with a white floral dress come to him.
“I guess you would not come, I nearly died of boredom. Sit down, ” said the young man.
“What happened, why did you invite me here?” Asked the girl who had long been met.
“I just wanted to say congratulations on your engagement.” Clear the Young man.
“Is that all?”
Both seem awkward, knowing this the first time they met again after graduating from high school.
“I’ve ordered a cup of coffee with two tablespoons of cream in it.”
“Ohh .. you still remember it, ” a smile tugging at her lips.
“Absolutely,” said the young man’s brief.
The girl then drank his coffee, while the young man’s eyes could not stop staring at her. Then he looked glum after seeing a circular ring on her ring finger.
The girl realized that she was being looked at by the young man.
“Why, there was something strange about me?” Asked the girl.
“No, you still look beautiful.”
“Thank you. I consider it a compliment, “The girl’s face flushed.
“Do you believe the life after die?” Asked the young man.
“What?” The girl was struck by the words of the new young man was ejected from the mouth.
“Do you believe the life after die?” The young man repeated his words.
“I do not know,” said the girl.
“If the life after die is true, in the next life I want to be the” Umbrella “, I want to someday could maintain, protect, and bring you to a better place. I also want to be a very big tree, you can leaning me when you’re tired, ” said young man with a serious face.
“Why are you so concerned about me?” Asked the girl.
“I did not say that,” The young man answered.
“Then what do you mean to say it all, why do you always confuse me.”
“I have no reason for it, I had no answer to your question.”
The young man then rose from the bench and stepped toward the door.
“Wait!” Screamed the girl.
The young man stopped in his tracks, but he still did not reverse his body.
“I know the answer, only I do not understand why you have to wait in the next life. You can become umbrella or a tree for me now! ”
“If you want, I’ll let this ring!”
“Did I never mean to you?”
“Sorry, I can not,” The young man then stepped left the coffee shop.
While the girl was sobbing, she also later left the coffee shop.A year later, he always comes at the weekend. She did not want to spend moments together before the young man who she thought did not really love her.
She is now conscious young man was not afraid to defend it, but because he really loves herself.

Maybe far away young man has become the “umbrella” or “a very big tree.”


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long time Meta twirling a pen in her finger, paper on her table still left blank. Her eyes begin to glaze when looking at a photo herself and her mother while she was child. There is an implicit emotion on his face rigid.Slowly, with trembling she began to pour the ink through the pen on her finger,

“To my mother who is very dear to me,”

“Today I looked again photograph the two of us that only one I had. I always thought that if you can understand me and of course I’m not too stubborn sure we’ll have more pictures together. Mother forgive me,I am on my mind until now. Many people say, I did exactly like you are too rigid. Mom I really miss your arms are also a loud voice that sounded rude when scolded. But I still believe that you really loved me like I love you. Through this letter I hope you will forgive me. Hopefully you are always healthy and always in protection. ”


He folded the letter she had just finished created and put into the envelope marked her home address first.

This letter is 124th of her letters, she was really hope this time she will get a reply due 123 of the previous letter that she sent not one gets a reply.

Already a week after a letter 124th yet received a reply. Meta sitting in his living room who seemed very knowledgeable. Suddenly, she heard the sound of people knocking on the door. She is hoping that the people behind that door is an postman which brings her reply letter.

Meta was very surprised when she opened the door, she found an elderly woman with a basket of letters. The old woman then said;

“I came in retaliation for all the letters that you send.”

“I’m sorry my dear.”

Then immediately Meta can no longer hold her tears. She held her mother as thin as longing that she has been buried. There was no situation which is so in that time until her heart with happiness serene

Teddy Bears

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Sunday morning, a father asked his daughter who was 5 years old to get around the city.
In a doll shop they step off. He looked because of his daughter was suddenly pulled his hand. He saw her daughter’s views could not be separated from a yellow teddy bear on display behind the glass shop.
He knew that his daughter wanted to that doll. Then he said to his daughter;
“Wait a minute honey.”
His daughter nodded. Then he went into the doll shop and took the yellow teddy bear. Outside, her daughter waved her hand, smiling happily.
He then reached into his pants pocket, he found only three pieces of twenty-five thousand rupiahs and five hundred coins in the wallet skin that’s has been worn his.
He held official price on the doll. He heaved a deep breath.
With a heavy heart, he put the doll back into its place. Because the money in his wallet far from the figures on the doll.
Slowly he came out and had to see her daughter’s face a little disappointed. He grabbed both her hands, his eyes filled with tears. He did not know what he wanted to say to his daughter.
“Daddy I want ice cream,” said her daughter with a smile on her lips.
His little girl seemed to understand what his father wanted to say.
“Let’s go buy ice cream,” He smiled back to her daughter with feelings of sadness.
Then they went to leave the doll shop. He held his daughter’s hand tightly.
“Daddy will buy it for you later honey. I’m promise,” he said to himself.

The same Day on another Sunday morning, he came back to the doll shop. Of course, after he have enough money. Then he hurried to meet her daughter.
“Honey Daddy had bought a doll that you wanted to, you’ll surely love it.”
His tears fallen in on his cheeks. With shaking, his hands petted her little daughter headstone.

Keduanyapun Berlalu

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The young man sat leaning on the wall outside the building, he looks resigned. Recently the woman he loves leave the altar with a man who has now officially become her husband. Happiness in both their faces flushed.

Soon a shadow standing right in front, the figure was none other than old friend of the young man. He then sat beside the young man.

“What are you doing here?” asked his friend.

“Hugging sorry.” She said simply.

“What do you mean?”

“You know, maybe The World is laughing me now. Since I was a stupid man. I have missed two significant women in my life. The woman I loved and the woman who understands me. Now I do not have any of them. ”

“I know they love you, but your attitude makes them not choose you.”

“My attitude which one?”

“Hahh, too bad you did not realize until this, it’s greatest of your mistake. They know you so well, you’re feeling adventurous, but they do not like it or they were tired of waiting. If you can better understand them and show your seriously. I’m sure they will choose you, not anyone else. ”


“yahh, you should realize that women also want to understand not only yourself. They do not always forgive, and patience have limits. You need not regret anymore, fix yourself up and do not let one day you lose the woman who means in your life.
His friend got up and patted his shoulder.

“Take care of yourself, hopefully you’re lucky!” said his friend as he left him alone.

The sky began to blush orange, he was still stuck there. Hoping morning will not carry any regrets.

“I belatedly realized, until both of them passed.”